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Among African countries, Kenya has one of the richest heritage in terms of culture, history, geology, archeology, bio-diversity and nature.Unfortunately some existing resources namely flora and fauna are the verge of extinction in spite of the protection policies and measures. The main causes have been poaching and mass-tourism with the latter being unaware of the negative effects on nature.

That is why Kenya Safari Explorer aims to ensure the highest possible standards of service and value to our clients, ensuring compliance with rules and regulations which enable you make minimal negative impact, without depriving the Safari the mysticism of a journey that translates into discovery.

Conservation projects that take into account the needs of local communities and giving them the right to be involved and be respected for who they are.

Safari in Kenya : syncerus caffer savanna buffalo bufalo cafro africano buffle dafrique bufalo africano tsavo national park


26/10/2015 - Anne-Marie G-P (Nice, France)
C'est superbe !!!

15/02/2015 - Silvana S. (Florence, Italy)
La mia Africa. Il Kenya uno dei paesi più belli del mondo. Non ci sono vie di mezzo o si ama o si odia. Per me è stato e sarà sempre amore a prima vista

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